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The Vernacular of Icons

Icons are a wonderful thing.  Whether used in software development, the custom-designed interface of a SaaS application, or on a website, icons can be a useful design shorthand.  Especially when it comes to software, where it seems like the most successful designs are the simplest designs, every pixel is scrutinized for its overall effectiveness.  Often, […]

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White Paper: Responsive Layouts – The New Web Design Format

There is a lot of talk these days about responsive design, and for good reason.  Most large websites out there have seen huge upticks in their mobile traffic over the past year.  Not only that, but the trend seems to be increasing.  Some estimates claim that the majority of web traffic will be viewed on […]

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Putting the User Back in User Experience (UX) Design

Often times, as designers (or even as developers) it can be easy to forget the user.  Now, this seems antithetical, with all of the current focus on user experience, persona development, user research, user testing, etc., but it is actually a surprisingly easy trap to fall into. Now, it is important to note, that this […]

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