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Halfway SCRUM is Not a SCRUM at All

Scrum is a great way to rethink code-writing strategy, but only for companies whose structure supports it. Trying to layer a scrum approach on top of a traditional developer environment can deliver painful frustrations, as companies find themselves tripping over their own virtual feet. That’s the lesson we have learned through 2017, as we tried […]

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Manual Testing vs. Automated Testing

When it comes to the world of QA, automated testing is becoming more and more popular. In fact, a quick search of QA jobs on sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. will show that the majority of these jobs now require automation experience with a language like Java, Python, etc. This can prove daunting for testers […]

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When You Should Use Messaging, and When You Shouldn’t

Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is a tool that has been used to enable many distributed, loosely-connected applications. Like any tool, effective use of Messaging platforms depends on how they are used. Are there problems that naturally lend themselves to a Messaging architecture? Perhaps more importantly, are there problems that discourage Messaging? First, however: why is […]

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