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Successful remote onboarding in any business climate

Onboarding Remote Work Software Development

Successful onboarding is challenging when it’s done in person. It becomes exponentially more difficult when the new teammate is remote. Successful remote onboarding requires a structured approach. We’ve created a recipe that works at Surge and Catalyte that has helped us grow from 40 people to more than 700 in six offices, with a network […]

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Maintaining company culture with remote workforces

Sourcing for Innovation Catalyte Surge

A remote workforce has advantages for talent selection (no geographic restrictions), productivity (work from anywhere) and reduced overhead (no office space). But maintaining a cohesive company culture with a remote workforce can be more difficult with the lack of in-person interaction, need to build trust at a distance, communications challenges and absentee managers. Tom Iler, […]

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Three quick remote working tips

Remote Work COVID-19

COVID-19 has thrust all of us into uncharted territory. Many businesses are following the advice of public health officials and having their entire workforces operate remotely. Some for the first time. This can be a difficult transition. From technologies, to corporate and interpersonal communications, remote working has its challenges. Surge has navigated these challenges for […]

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