A SURGEon Heads to Cancun!

Here at SURGE, we work hard to provide America’s Best Software Engineers, On Demand, at an Affordable Price. One of our most important objectives is “Happy People”, because we realize that we can only provide top-quality services if our people are happy and engaged with our clients. In accordance with this objective, we created an incentive program for all team members who meet or exceed certain expectations. Over 105 team members qualified for the incentive program and were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a one-week, all expenses paid, vacation for up to 6 people to Cancun, Mexico! The goal of this Rewards program is to thank our individual contributors for their efforts but also to recognize the support from their family. A good work life balance is important here at Surge, so I wanted to make sure that as we grow we don’t lose sight of the fact that we are a “people” business, said Matt MacKay, CEO and Founder.  On July 13th our team of SURGEons (200+) around the country gathered virtually to find out which SURGEon won the 2016 Second Quarter Rewards Trip. And the winner was Jason McNair, pictured here with his wife Roxana and their daughters Savannah, Danica, and son Edan.    mcnair family photo with border   

“I was taking a late lunch during the drawing… never even occurred to me that I’d win. Came back and Slack was lit up tons of congratulatory messages. Unbelievable… I’d won !!

Working at Surge was already a great thing. The perfect balance of stability and autonomy, and the smartest, most competent group of working colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Perks like this trip are the icing on the cake!”

Congratulations to Jason, Roxana, Savannah, Danica and Edan

Enjoy the warm sun and sandy beaches of Cancun

America's Best Software Engineers, On-Demand, at an Affordable Price
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