Surge Earns Honor Roll Status with 6th Consecutive Year on Inc. 5000 List

Surge, LLC, an onshore software consulting firm offering America’s best software engineers, on demand, at an affordable price, announced that for the sixth straight year it has been named to the 36th annual Inc. 5000 list recognizing America’s fastest-growing companies. Surge has now achieved Honor Roll status putting it in the top 10% of an already elite group. Surge ranked #811 on the prestigious list with a staggering growth rate of over 550% over the past three years, while employing more than 275 senior level software professionals in the US and Canada.    This achievement comes on the heels of Surge’s 10-year anniversary celebration in July. Founded in 2007 by CEO Matt MacKay, a former software engineer, he set out to create a different kind of company, a North American software outsourcing firm that would allow clients to quickly and painlessly staff their software projects with onshore talent. “Many companies simply do […]


Surge, LLC, a leading onshore software consulting firm offering America’s best software engineers, on demand, at an affordable price, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Surge was founded by Matt MacKay, a former software engineer, on July 19, 2007. When starting Surge, Matt wanted to create a different kind of company, one that gave people flexibility but still had high expectations.    When the company was formed it was the early days of telecommuting and Surge was one of the first companies to offer 100% telecommuting to everyone in the company. Surge has been one of the most successful pure telecommuting companies in the world.    “Most senior-level, responsible, software professionals, which describes everyone here at Surge, are more productive working remotely. There are less distractions and interruptions, less time commuting, more time “in the coding zone,”, and you can work when and where you are most productive,” said Matt MacKay, […]


Bellevue, Washington, August 18, 2016 – Surge, LLC, an onshore software consulting firm offering America’s best software engineers, on demand, at an affordable price, announced that it has been named to the 35th annual Inc. 5000 list recognizing the fastest-growing companies in America, for the fifth consecutive year. Surge ranked #556 on the prestigious list, with a staggering 701% growth rate over the past three years. “We have added close to 100 new clients in the past 12 months, all demanding highly skilled onshore software engineering talent. To be recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for five straight years is a rare honor and underscores the continual success we’ve enjoyed at Surge.” said Matt MacKay, CEO. With over 250 senior level staff based exclusively in the US and Canada, Surge provides the best software engineering talent to some of the largest companies and well known brands in the world such […]

Need to enhance your
e-commerce platform?

Enhancing E-Commerce Platform – IT Staff Augmentation Case Study   A leading american manufacturer of high-end tools and equipment designs products and solutions that center on improving productivity in franchised dealerships and their supply chain. Their key goals are to increase sales, reduce structural costs, and improve the customer experience. Franchises are provided a complete set of information tools including electronic parts catalogs, diagnostic systems, financial and operational reporting services and warranty management solutions.   Challenge When one of their largest customers requested help improving their e-commerce website, the project was assigned to one of their 3rd party offshore vendors. This low cost vendor relied solely on emails and phone calls to organize its work and maintain the existing website. Updates and new features were consistently late and of poor code quality, requiring additional internal client resources to manage the project. These quality and performance challenges strained the overall customer relationship […]

Need complex business intelligence software development?

Complex Business Intelligence – Web-based Application Development Case Study   A global leader in management consulting with offices in 26 countries specializing in strategy, operations, risk management, and organization transformation. This practice group addresses challenges that confront senior business executives, COOs and CIOs. They help clients translate business strategy into action, optimize the operational support for their business and improve performance.   Challenge This consulting group was experiencing rapid growth and required additional senior IT resources to lead a complex project to build a next generation web-based business intelligence (BI) tool to help their client’s sales team price their products and services using competitive and market pricing information.   Solution Surge provided a team of senior IT resources (within two weeks) that included three (3) senior software engineers, UI/UX designer, systems architect, quality assurance and a project manager to support this initiative. Over a 12-month timeframe, the collaborative teams created […]

A SURGEon heads to Hawaii!

Here at SURGE, we work hard to provide America’s Best Software Engineers, On Demand, at an Affordable Price.  One of our most important objectives is “Happy People”, because we realize that we can only provide top-quality services if our people are happy and engaged with our clients. In accordance with this objective, we created an incentive program for all team members who meet or exceed certain expectations. Over 88 team members qualified for the incentive program and were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a one-week, all expenses paid, vacation for up to 6 people to Hawaii! “The goal of this Rewards program is to thank our individual contributors for their efforts but also to recognize the support from their family. A good work life balance is important here at Surge, so I wanted to make sure that as we grow we don’t lose sight of the […]

Benefits of ONshore Software Development – A Real World Example

Recently, there have been quite a few blogs written about the benefits of offshore software development for medium and large enterprises. Benefits such as lower cost, and fast development to name a few. The challenge in today’s complex world is, just because you can hire 3rd party offshore vendors to develop new applications or enhance legacy systems at a lower cost, it doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful outcome. Let me give you an example and see if this has happened to you. A client came to us for help with an existing legacy e-commerce website that had poor performance, many delays implementing new features and an overall lack of good communication with their 3rd party offshore vendor. Now, this is not a bash on 3rd party offshore firms, they have their place for help desk support and maintenance of applications. The problem occurs when a client needs new features, […]

2015 Year in Review

Thank you to all of our Clients and “Surgeons” for making 2015 an incredible year. We are so proud of our team as we continue to deliver incredible quality software development services for our clients. In addition our “Surgeons” volunteered many hours in their local communities to help kids learn the fun of software development. We are looking forward to serving you in 2016. Check out the amazing success.

Home or Away – Onshore or Offshore IT Programming Resources

Who has the advantage? In the recent NFL Wildcard games all of the home teams failed to advance to the next round. Yet this week in the Divisional Round all of the home teams won. So is there really any advantage? This question is similar to the challenge CIO’s face when developing new software applications. Do we hire our own software engineers or we do we hire a 3rd party staff augmentation firm? Assuming they have the budget, time, infrastructure, and can find the right senior software developer in this competitive market, most CIO’s would hire a new associate. However finding great software developers is not easy, the cost is always more than you think, and the risk of hiring the wrong person is long term. In this “Agile” deliver-now world, 3rd party IT resource partners are vital. The question of Home or Away (Onshore or Offshore) becomes the next […]

UX? UI? U what?

So you’ve got a digital application in your sights. You’ve got visions and dreams of massive return on your investments floating on cloud computing with number one customer satisfaction stars shooting at you like a machine gun, riding rainbows into your pot of revenue gold. How do you realize this dream? Start the Ride Whether you are a small or large business, you want success for your digital product which generally entails levels of financial investments. You may be redesigning a legacy system, building a custom web app, or launching the next mobile app to take the market by storm, but if you don’t know how to navigate the UX/UI road your visions may soon become unfocused. The road can become treacherous because of the various opinions on what UX is and how it adds value. Well, here at Surge, we’ve been down this road before, let us help you […]