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jQuery UI's autocomplete widget provides no built in functionality to alter the search behavior, but has a static filter method that can be overridden instead, and as such, will be on an application wide basis. "Super search" is a generic term meaning orderless word search, as that "foo bar" and "bar foo" discover the same results. This code can go anytime after jQuery UI library is loaded. [code] $.extend($.ui.autocomplete, { filter: function(array, term) { if (term) { var regexes = $.Enumerable.From(RegExp.escape(term).split(" ")) .Select(function(t) { var regex = new RegExp([".*?", t, ".*?"].join("")); regex.compile(regex.source, "im"); return regex; }).ToArray(); return $.grep(array, function(value) {…

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Nen is  a LINQ provider and as such uses delayed execution. Delayed execution means that whenever a query is written it's not actually performed until the result set is being accessed, which is often by enumeration. Consider the following: [code]var workOrdersQuery = DataContext.Current.Get<EventWorkOrder>() .Where(t => t.WONumber == 3); // No query has been performed yet! var workOrdersCount = workOrdersQuery.Count(); // This runs the query of SELECT COUNT(*)  FROM slx_EventWorkOrder .... var workOrdersList = workOrdersQuery.ToList(); // This runs a query joining in all related tables and selecting all columns foreach (var workOrder in workOrdersQuery) // This is also accessing an enumeration  of the data set! This performs the same query as ToList() Console.WriteLine(workOrder.Subject); [/code] As you see in the comments, 3 queries were performed across what is inevitably the same result set. Rather suboptimal. The best idea is to store an enumerated data set. This way the results are…

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Surge Consulting Group, a US-based software development and consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new suite of software applications for Windmill Software, a premier provider of software and services for the Senior Living industry in the US and Canada. TheWorxHub software suite includes: A Rich Internet Application (RIA) that runs as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the Cloud An HTML 5 based Mobile App that works in connected or disconnected modes A customized Reporting Tool that integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services A Data Conversion Utility designed to easily upgrade existing clients This comprehensive suite of software applications was…

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As a supplement to this article, look at jQuery event handling by example. [code] Hello World bar [/code] Event bubbling to parent [code] $("body" ).click (function() { console.log("body" ); }) ; $("p.hello").click (); >> body;[/code] Original event target on bubbling [code] $("body" ).click (function(event) { console.log($ ( ()); }); ("p.hello" ).click (); >> Hello World[/code] 'this' on event bubbling [code] $("body" ).click (function() { console.log($ (this).attr ("class")) ; }); $ ("p.hello").click (function() { console. log($(this ).attr ("class")) ; }).click ();[/code] [code] >> hello >> i-am-the-body[/code] 'currentTarget' on event bubbling [code] $("body" ).click (function(event) { console.log($ (event.currentTarget).attr ("class")); });$( "p.hello").click…

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Surge, a full-service software consulting firm providing outsourced web and mobile software development services, today announced that its revenue increased by 270% in 2010 compared to 2009. During this time Surge also significantly increased the size of its team, adding senior-level software designers, developers, testers, and project managers as well as sales and marketing executives. "We are experiencing tremendous demand for our custom software development services, especially in the areas of new Cloud, SaaS, RIA, and Mobile apps. We are also seeing demand for our Surge Platform product, which consists of tools and reusable modules that accelerate development of new…

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Surge, a full-service software consulting firm providing web and mobile software development services, today announced that it has been selected by Cary Reconstruction Company (CRC) to develop an internal time management system for its 135 employees. Surge leverages the power of MVC, jQuery, JSON, and HTML 5, as well as its own Surge Platform to rapidly develop rich, browser-based software applications. About Surge Surge creates elegant, powerful, easy-to-use software for clients worldwide. Our Surge Platform, Specs Illustrated method, Agile development process, and the industry's most talented software developers, enable us to build custom software solutions in up to 40% less…

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Surge, a global software consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new customized document management web portal for Flight Test Aerospace, Inc (FTA). Surge completed this project in less than 30 days start-to-finish and the web portal is now in live production. "We had previously hired another software consulting company to build our custom web portal but we were frustrated with their inability to deliver what we wanted. Surge not only delivered what we wanted on-time and on-budget but they improved upon our original specifications. I highly recommend Surge for custom software development," said Rex Rivolo, CTO of FTA.…

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