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Our customers have always valued Surge’s ability to deliver senior-level technology talent on demand, with the flexibility to scale engagements up or down as needed. Since we’ve been part of Catalyte, we’ve added to our highly qualified and vetted network of onshore software engineering resources. To better represent all that we have to offer, we are now Surge – a Catalyte company. From a single developer to multiple agile teams; designers and analysts to PMs and QA engineers; senior to junior level. You have access to the resources you need, when and how you need them, to get the job…

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Since March, the pandemic has turned the business world upside down. Companies have had to reexamine previous successful practices and modify or reinvent them for current conditions. Those that are most able to connect a successful past to a successful future will be resilient enough to come through this crisis stronger. Others that fail to do so will disappear. Our parent company Catalyte partnered with the Technology Association of Oregon to sponsor a webinar series on resiliency: how companies can prevent disruption to their technology, processes and people, and emerge from the current crisis stronger than before. All three sessions…

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National Exchange Powered by Surge’s Parent Company Catalyte Catalyte, Surge’s parent company, has launched RetrainAmerica to connect anyone – regardless of background, education or prior experience – with an opportunity to get retrained for jobs of the future. Individuals looking for training opportunities, or organizations looking to join RetrainAmerica, can find more information here or at RetrainAmerica Partners Mindgrub – Providing digital marketing services for RetrainAmerica launch City of Baltimore Carefirst Exelon (BGE, BGE Home, DPL and Pepco) Baltimore Corps Brown Advisory Protenus Fearless Traitify GRIMM Media Coverage Baltimore Business Journal

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Surge developed critical platforms supporting CompTIA’s core revenue and business The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the world’s largest vendor-neutral IT certification program, is a technology industry trade association that offers technical education and online certification exams. To deliver its certification exams in a more efficient, streamlined and user-friendly manner, CompTIA needed to build its own secure, proprietary exam administration and simulation tools. And it needed to move development onshore without a substantial increase in budget. Surge provided the onshore, senior engineering talent CompTIA needed to build these tools. Surge was able to do this at a fraction of the…

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Successful onboarding is challenging when it’s done in person. It becomes exponentially more difficult when the new teammate is remote. Successful remote onboarding requires a structured approach. We’ve created a recipe that works at Surge and Catalyte that has helped us grow from 40 people to more than 700 in six offices, with a network of hundreds of fully remote software engineers. Our contractors routinely onboard and roll off from projects as remote technical specialists. Having proven remote onboarding strategies helps increase the rate of initial productivity in any business environment, allows engineers to focus on building software, enables HR…

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A remote workforce has advantages for talent selection (no geographic restrictions), productivity (work from anywhere) and reduced overhead (no office space). But maintaining a cohesive company culture with a remote workforce can be more difficult with the lack of in-person interaction, need to build trust at a distance, communications challenges and absentee managers. Tom Iler, Chief Product Officer for Surge and Catalyte, shares advice on how to maintain a cohesive company culture regardless of where your workers are located. In this podcast he discusses: Building trust, on both employer and employee side Monitoring outcomes, not activities Having the right tools…

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COVID-19 has thrust all of us into uncharted territory. Many businesses are following the advice of public health officials and having their entire workforces operate remotely. Some for the first time. This can be a difficult transition. From technologies, to corporate and interpersonal communications, remote working has its challenges. Surge has navigated these challenges for over a decade. Here are a few quick and easy pointers to make this transition easier. Treat All Workers the Same Never treat remote and office-based developers differently. There should be the same accountability, same hours and the same oversight for remote and in-office workers.…

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The typical American today is born into technology. A handheld or laptop is ubiquitous even in junior high school. As the connected generation matures, the idea that we need professionals to tell us how an application should work may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, there is an incredible gap between what an application should do and how it should do it. Every custom application ever built will provide its own user experience and your design will determine how effective you will be at moving your business forward. When Google reinvented email it was by thoughtful design that solved decades…

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Programming is hard. Since programmable computers went mainstream in the ’70s, software development has required highly skilled professionals with years of education and experience. The problem with creating a complex computer program that solves real-world business problems is that computers and humans speak fundamentally different languages. Computers deal in concrete terms while humans communicate in abstractions. To a computer, the meaning of a sentence never changes, but to a person, a single sentence and even single words may have different meanings in different situations. Over the years, providing a computer language that matches human intentions with the correct computer behavior…

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7 min read While once a distant dream of science fiction, today, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. AI is in the algorithms that govern how you use social media. AI is in the Google or Amazon-powered home device that understands and carries out your basic commands. And now it’s becoming a staple of UI/UX design. Should you be worried about the rise of AI in the design field? Will software that makes decisions on its own put humans out of a job? Will Artificial Intelligence one day gain sentience and enslave humanity? No, no, and probably not. Let’s examine just what…

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