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Surge – a Catalyte company keeps USA Swimming at the forefront of emerging technologies to solve complex business challenges. USA Swimming wanted to reduce costs and gain better security and scalability for its applications while enabling a more robust online/remote user experience. Surge continues to help USA Swimming leverage new technologies to better connect and serve its 350,000 member athletes and coaches, and legions of fans around the world. Outcome Over 18 years, Surge – a Catalyte company (formerly Statera) has kept USA Swimming at the forefront of emerging technologies. The partnership includes the initial development and recent re-architecture of…

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Increase the speed of healthcare innovation by taking advantage of self-provisioned environments and the flexibility of the cloud. Healthcare technology is demanding. Keeping data safe, secure and consistent, ensuring availability and accuracy and meeting timeliness requirements is challenging enough for the typical organization. Multiply that by regulatory and compliance concerns, and it's no surprise that the healthcare technology landscape changes slowly. Barriers within large, established organizations reduce the speed of healthcare innovation. These impediments are often justified. Organizations must be good stewards of patient/customer information by maintaining the integrity of highly regulated data and processes and providing systemic oversight around…

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Fraud, waste abuse and errors (FWAE) are primary drivers of healthcare costs. Here’s how technology can reduce FWAE and associated healthcare administrative costs. Modernizing current or implementing new technology can lower administrative and healthcare costs. It can reduce errors and shorten account payable/receivable cycle times in cash sensitive businesses. And it can streamline business processes while providing richer insights into administrative operations and patient care. The rising cost of healthcare – currently about 18% of GDP – continues to threaten our economic well being. This expense represents a collective burden and opportunity to streamline this increasingly important sector of our…

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It’s an intimidating fact that 50% of digital transformations fail. But instead of running for the hills, here are five ways to help ensure digital transformation success. 1. Identify and establish success KPIs Establish specific key performance indicators (KPIs) ahead of time. Some of the most common are: Return on investment Cost reduction Productivity increase Gain in market share or competitive advantage Establish an initial baseline and track these KPIs throughout the transformation. Assess whether your progress is helping or hurting them, and adjust the initiative as needed. 2. Create strategic and tactical plans What do you want your business…

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The full spectrum and potential of Surge – a Catalyte company's engineering services are on display through a new Technology and Software Development Fellowship our parent company Catalyte launched with Baltimore City. As part of the initial fellowship group, Surge is providing teams comprised of apprentice and senior level developers, business analysts, project managers and architects. The teams are working on mission-critical projects for Baltimore City IT (BCIT) and the Baltimore Health Department. That work includes: BCIT: The BCIT team of fellows will work on application modernization projects with an emphasis on security. This will allow Baltimore Corps and Catalyte…

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There are many ways for agile teams to estimate their efforts. But story points don’t help product owners or managers prioritize feature backlogs. Fortunately, there are several methods that can help determine the relative value of feature ideas and candidates. Product managers can use these to create and manage a backlog that delivers the biggest business value first. Dot voting Put each feature on a card and display the cards on a wall or table. Give each stakeholder a number of dots (about a third of the number of features) and ask them to place dots on the feature(s) they…

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Casenet needed an onshore partner to help rewrite its flagship platform on a greatly compressed schedule. Surge – a Catalyte company delivered the high-caliber engineering resources Casenet needed, when they needed them. Outcome Over an extended four-year+ engagement, Surge – a Catalyte company helped Casenet redevelop its flagship TruCare platform and create single sign on (SSO) integration for its ProAuth product. Surge delivered on an aggressive timeline with a wide variety of technical resources, including: senior, remote engineers, full Agile teams, junior-level developers, QA engineers, project manager, scrum master/agile coaches and UI/UX specialists. The resulting improvements allow Casenet customers to…

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63% of companies are unhappy with new sources of tech talent. State of the digital tech workforce survey shows companies suffering economic consequences as they struggle to find top technology talent in a competitive market.   The digital skills gap is leaving workers without job opportunities and reducing the ability for companies to grow and succeed. So how are technology leaders across all industries addressing this issue? How are they thinking about sourcing, recruitment, hiring and training to ensure they have the skilled workforce they need for today and into the future, without overpaying for in-demand talent? Our parent company…

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Historically, only about 5% of workers worked from home in some way. This small sample size wasn’t enough to convince WFH skeptics of its efficacy (how productive workers could be). Nor was there enough information to prove that it obliterated work-life balance. The unfortunate reality of COVID-19 is that the pandemic has forced many more people to work from home. But, this has provided a larger data set to study the effects of WFH. That data so far has confirmed the best, and the worst, of our suspicions. Champions and critics are both right Most studies prove WFH champions correct:…

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Our customers have always valued Surge’s ability to deliver senior-level technology talent on demand, with the flexibility to scale engagements up or down as needed. Since we’ve been part of Catalyte, we’ve added to our highly qualified and vetted network of onshore software engineering resources. To better represent all that we have to offer, we are now Surge – a Catalyte company. From a single developer to multiple agile teams; designers and analysts to PMs and QA engineers; senior to junior level. You have access to the resources you need, when and how you need them, to get the job…

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