Developing HIPAA Compliant Software

When designing a healthcare application most developers would love a succinct list of features included a HIPAA compliant application. A plethora of web sites is returned when searching for HIPAA requirements. Most of the listed sites target healthcare providers and health insurance claim processors. A person can spend hours combing through federal registers (CFR) and pages of documents on government web sites to find information specific to the software developer. This article attempts to provide a little background on HIPAA and save time with a list of helpful resources to get started. First, The Market According to Health Care IT News, “The North American healthcare information technology market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.4 percent to reach $31.3 billion by 2017 from $21.9 billion in 2012.” The Health Information Systems industry contains large and powerful players but there is room for smaller development shops […]

Surge Makes Inc. 5000 For Third Straight Year

Surge Joins an Elite Group of Companies by Making the Inc. 5000 for the 3rd Straight Year Surge, a leader in custom software development and consulting services has announced it made the Inc. 5000 list for the third consecutive year (2012 – 2014) ranking #1448 in 2014. In the past three years Surge has experienced 295% growth. The Inc. 5000 list recognizes the fastest-growing US businesses in the private sector. “Only a fraction of the nation’s companies have demonstrated such remarkably consistent high growth,” said Founder and CEO Matt MacKay. “Not only are we growing rapidly but our clients are extremely happy with the level of quality and service they get from Surge and they continue to hire us for additional projects because they simply can’t find our level of talent anywhere else, which is the true measure of a job well done.” The demand for custom software development services […]

The Role of a Surge Product Designer

The following article was written by Diane Whittaker; an expert product designer at Surge.  You have thought a lot about your new application, imagining how it will function, the business processes that will be streamlined, the cost savings for stakeholders and increased productivity for users. Now, you are ready to build your application. Before any development work can commence, your project needs to be communicated to a product designer. A product designer is assigned to turn your thoughts into a tangible prototype (or illustrated specification). Your designer elicits discussion to understand how your business operates now and how you would like it to operate after your new application is built. Your designer encapsulates workflow, user experience, and the look and feel into an interactive illustrated specification. This specification is the architectural plan that is used to build your application. What is a Product Designer? First of all, let’s talk terminology. […]

Be the Javascriptiest

The following article was originally written by George Mauer. George is a seasoned software developer at Surge. Read George’s original post here. Be the Javascriptiest While there is some general philosophizing here, this is largely a step-by-step for building your own jquery collapsing widget. It is a writeup of my talk at Sql Saturday #324 – Baton Rouge. As such, it might seem lengthy and rambling. But the talk was over an hour so there you have it. You might be able to tell from the title, this talk did not start out completely seriously. For the last three or four years I have talked at this event, each time trying to braindump my understanding of javascript, or underscore, or knockout, or jquery; trying to convince rooms full of people that 90% of the useful stuff in each you can learn in an hour. While I still fully believe this, […]

Fair Pricing for Software Development

Unless you’ve got a very small project in your plans, the cost of software development is probably higher than what the average Joe would expect. If you get a quote and it’s surprisingly affordable, chances are, your project is getting offshored to another country, or an inexperienced developer is working on your project. This can oftentimes be a student, or someone who is learning how to develop software and isn’t skilled enough to request the salary demands at the moment. Software developers are in high demand right now, and the average salary figures from glassdoor confirm this. While these figures may vary by business and by geographic location, no matter how you slice it, good software development is expensive. And for good reason. Software Development Skills Software development is a complicated process that requires a practiced hand in order for everything to work. Websites and apps are laden with many […]

The Dangers of Using a CMS to Build Your Enterprise Application

The following article was written by Mike Nelson; an expert developer at Surge. Websites built with Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal scatter the web by the millions. These systems are vastly popular tools for creating websites and managing user-generated content. They come pre-built with many features tempting developers embarking on enterprise application projects to build upon their shaky foundations. While starting off with a vast wealth of features and an established framework is understandably enticing, the illusionary head start will quickly be eclipsed by problems arising from fundamental architectural dissonance. What is an Enterprise Application? An enterprise application is software intended for use in a corporate environment (obviously!). These applications are commonly large and complex. They are required to be scalable, distributed, secure, and mission-critical. Enterprise class problems often include a requirement to store, manage and process large amounts of sensitive data. They almost always require integration […]

Telecommuting: The Future of Business?

The internet has introduced so many new ways for us to communicate with one another. From video and voice conferencing, to live chat interactions and social media. In addition, the number of devices that are internet-connected is allowing us to be found online almost at any time or any place. Regardless of the device you’re using, it only takes a few minutes to easily connect with almost anyone in the world. As communication technology has advanced, so too has the way companies do business. More companies are starting to realize that many of their employees roles and responsibilities can just as easily be done from the comforts of their own home. This paradigm shift begs the question if telecommuting is becoming the future of business. Not all companies are positioned to have their employees telecommute and not all employees are capable of it as well. Employees need to be self-starters […]

What is Responsive Web Design?

What is Responsive Web Design? In a nutshell, responsive web design (also referred to as RWD)  allows your website to automatically adjust its display and layout to accommodate for any device’s screen size, beit a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The result is an adapted design with no need for your visitor to strain and zoom in or out in order to read your content or view your media. Identifying Responsive Web Design Until recently, a website’s design has been generally fixed in its size. This means it displayed the same general dimensions whether someone used a computer, tablet, or phone. Because smartphones and tablets haven’t always been as common, websites were traditionally designed with the average desktop screen size in mind – much larger than mobile screens making them hard to use. With a smartphone you usually see a zoomed-out version of the entire website with very small buttons and […]

Surge Introduces SurgeWP: a Premium WordPress Development Service

New Business Unit will Partner with Freelance Designers and Agencies to Provide Professional WordPress Development with Hosting Options Seattle, WA., Nov. 12 — Surge has announced the launch of SurgeWP, a new business unit that specializes in offering custom WordPress development solutions for agencies, specialty firms, and freelance designers looking to outsource their web development needs on the web’s #1 open source content management system (CMS). SurgeWP will be working directly with creative professionals and their clients, or work behind the scenes as a white-label partner to deliver custom WordPress theme development with a dedicated team of seasoned professional developers. “We’re excited to expand our business into this growing niche where professional designers and agencies are anxiously looking for flawless development work” said Matt MacKay, CEO of Surge. “The same principles and proven methods gained from our many high-end projects at Surge puts us in a great position to offer […] The Dirty Little Secret No One is Talking About

It seems like everyone has an opinion as to why the much vaunted website has so many problems. We hear news reporters and analysts talk about integration issues between and other government websites. We hear them talk about scope creep. We hear them talk about poor communication and lack of management oversight. While these are legitimate factors, they are not the root cause. To find the root cause you have to dig deeper, perhaps as early as October 2011 when the government began subcontracting out development work for the website. In a recent report from USA Today, was built using “10-year old technology.” That’s practically a lifetime in Internet years. Why would the US government entrust the development of a major website in the hands of subcontractors who use outdated technology and seemingly incompetent software developers? An article written by the Sunlight Foundation claims there were “47 […]