Slick Grid Extentions

Every consulting shop needs a good, reliable grid. Grids are the swiss army knife of UI design. Sure, in many scenarios you need a sharper, simpler, or more dedicated tool but a grid’s ubiquitos familiarity makes a good one indispensable for presenting and editing many types of data.  This is why companies such as Microsoft spend so much effort on publishing grid controls and why libraries like jQuery offer so many grid plugins. Surge too has invested a significant amount of time in finding the right grid for our needs.  Following the Surge philosophy of reusing open source components where possible, we have settled on the incredibly versitile SlickGrid maintained by Michael Leibman. This grid is especially impressive for its preformance and editing capabilities, for providing near-infinite row support with minimal memory usage, and for an extensible mechanism for cell-editing. Of course everything is rarely perfect. One unfortunate disadvantage of the […]

Software Consulting Firm Delivers New SaaS Product

Surge Consulting Group, a US-based software development and consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new SaaS-based software product for Senior Care Software, Inc. This new software product is designed to assist senior’s housing operators to accurately and securely collect, analyze and report on all operational aspects, and was created using cutting edge programming technologies and methodologies, including: “Specs Illustrated” design method, which produced visual software specifications that closely resembled the final product. The latest programming technologies, including MVC, jQuery, HTML 5, and JSON, resulting in a rich, highly responsive, and robust web application. Surge Platform; a development framework and code library that simplifies the development of rich internet applications and mobile apps. Industry-leading team of technology professionals Surge handled all aspects of the product creation, including design, development, testing, and deployment, and continues to provide ongoing support and maintenance services. “Senior Care is the result of the perfect […]

Useful Browser Extentions

Browser debugging tools have come a long way in a short amount of time. Here are some of our favorites. Firefox Firebug Firebug is the quintessential developer plugin for Firefox. It comes with several powerful sections: Console The console allows you to view requests made to the server. Each can be expanded to view the response/request headers, the raw response, and the parameters sent. View the output from javascript console commands, such as console.log and console.error, which support printing an object that can be clicked on and viewed in the DOM tab. An input console which allows for the execution of scripts in the current context. Because it does not use a new context global variables can be accessed, including jQuery. This is useful to test jQuery selectors/ events, and useful in a thousand other ways. HTML This tool is fantastic for debugging bad HTML/CSS, as it allows for […]

Getting a Value Back from a jQuery Dialog

There’s many ways to do so. You can use the close event and pickup values passed through the .data() method on the dialog, you can use a variable in the window context, but these are all very lacking in structure, however –All jQuery UI elements allow you to pass any value you want in while constructing t Inside of our dialog, we can now access this success call back by doing yourSelector.dialog(“option”, “success”); Lets give a real world example. This dialog runs the success function passed as an argument when one of the buttons is clicked. This function displays our dialog: Now for some of the code inside of the dialog’s ready event. As is relatively clear in the code, only when the “Choose Highlighted Location” button is clicked is the function we passed into the dialog’s options object called. Keep in mind, this function could be called in response […]

Making jQuery UI Autocomplete “Super Search”

jQuery UI’s autocomplete widget provides no built in functionality to alter the search behavior, but has a static filter method that can be overridden instead, and as such, will be on an application wide basis. “Super search” is a generic term meaning orderless word search, as that “foo bar” and “bar foo” discover the same results. This code can go anytime after jQuery UI library is loaded. This code shamelessly uses some of my favorite libraries but could be easily crafted to work without them. linq.js underscore.js And also makes use of the following function:

Optimal Nen Queries, Part 1: Delayed Execution

Nen is  a LINQ provider and as such uses delayed execution. Delayed execution means that whenever a query is written it’s not actually performed until the result set is being accessed, which is often by enumeration. Consider the following: As you see in the comments, 3 queries were performed across what is inevitably the same result set. Rather suboptimal. The best idea is to store an enumerated data set. This way the results are stored in memory and the enumerable LINQ provider is used, instead of the Nen data provider which will re-access the database. This can be used to move operations to/from the database. Webservers are often more scalable than database servers, and ordering operations can be costly, so it’s often a good idea for the ordering operation to be performed by the webserver.  This can not be done if a limited subset needs to be returned from the database […]

Custom Software Development Firm Builds New Software Suite

Surge Consulting Group, a US-based software development and consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new suite of software applications for Windmill Software, a premier provider of software and services for the Senior Living industry in the US and Canada. TheWorxHub software suite includes: A Rich Internet Application (RIA) that runs as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the Cloud An HTML 5 based Mobile App that works in connected or disconnected modes A customized Reporting Tool that integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services A Data Conversion Utility designed to easily upgrade existing clients This comprehensive suite of software applications was developed over a period of several months utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ASP.NET MVC 3, jQuery, JSON, and HTML 5. “We spent a significant amount of time deciding on the right vendor to build this new suite of software applications for us because we wanted this software to be modern, […]

jQuery Events by Example

As a supplement to this article, look at jQuery event handling by example. Event bubbling to parent Original event target on bubbling ‘this’ on event bubbling ‘currentTarget’ on event bubbling stopPropagation’s effect on event bubbling Event bubbling and multiple events on a single object stopImmediatePropagation’s effect on inner event propagation (multiple events on a single object) Using custom named events with ‘trigger’ The context of ‘this’ when an event is passed directly and when called

Surge Reports a 270% Jump in 2010 Revenue

Surge, a full-service software consulting firm providing outsourced web and mobile software development services, today announced that its revenue increased by 270% in 2010 compared to 2009. During this time Surge also significantly increased the size of its team, adding senior-level software designers, developers, testers, and project managers as well as sales and marketing executives. “We are experiencing tremendous demand for our custom software development services, especially in the areas of new Cloud, SaaS, RIA, and Mobile apps. We are also seeing demand for our Surge Platform product, which consists of tools and reusable modules that accelerate development of new web and mobile software applications,” said Matt MacKay, CEO of Surge. “We successfully completed several software development projects in 2010 and our clients have continued to hire us for additional development and support services. We expect to grow exponentially again in 2011.” Surge builds complex software solutions 40% faster with […]

Surge Consulting Group Selected by CRC For Custom Software Development

Surge, a full-service software consulting firm providing web and mobile software development services, today announced that it has been selected by Cary Reconstruction Company (CRC) to develop an internal time management system for its 135 employees. Surge leverages the power of MVC, jQuery, JSON, and HTML 5, as well as its own Surge Platform to rapidly develop rich, browser-based software applications. About Surge Surge creates elegant, powerful, easy-to-use software for clients worldwide. Our Surge Platform, Specs Illustrated method, Agile development process, and the industry’s most talented software developers, enable us to build custom software solutions in up to 40% less time with 100% precision. For more information go to About Cary Reconstruction Company (CRC) CRC is a premier restoration firm, specializing in disaster response. As one of the largest restoration firms in the Southeast, CRC is a preferred provider for most major insurance companies. CRC is well staffed and […]