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The following article was originally written by George Mauer. George is a seasoned software developer at Surge. Read George's original post here. Be the Javascriptiest While there is some general philosophizing here, this is largely a step-by-step for building your own jquery collapsing widget. It is a writeup of my talk at Sql Saturday #324 - Baton Rouge. As such, it might seem lengthy and rambling. But the talk was over an hour so there you have it. You might be able to tell from the title, this talk did not start out completely seriously. For the last three or…

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The following article was written by Mike Nelson; an expert developer at Surge. Websites built with Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal scatter the web by the millions. These systems are vastly popular tools for creating websites and managing user-generated content. They come pre-built with many features tempting developers embarking on enterprise application projects to build upon their shaky foundations. While starting off with a vast wealth of features and an established framework is understandably enticing, the illusionary head start will quickly be eclipsed by problems arising from fundamental architectural dissonance. What is an Enterprise Application? An enterprise…

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The internet has introduced so many new ways for us to communicate with one another. From video and voice conferencing, to live chat interactions and social media. In addition, the number of devices that are internet-connected is allowing us to be found online almost at any time or any place. Regardless of the device you’re using, it only takes a few minutes to easily connect with almost anyone in the world. As communication technology has advanced, so too has the way companies do business. More companies are starting to realize that many of their employees roles and responsibilities can just…

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What is Responsive Web Design? In a nutshell, responsive web design (also referred to as RWD)  allows your website to automatically adjust its display and layout to accommodate for any device’s screen size, beit a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The result is an adapted design with no need for your visitor to strain and zoom in or out in order to read your content or view your media. Identifying Responsive Web Design Until recently, a website’s design has been generally fixed in its size. This means it displayed the same general dimensions whether someone used a computer, tablet, or phone.…

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One of the things that makes Surge unique is the fact that we are a 100% telecommuting company. And although it is true that having employees spread out all over the country does create some unique challenges, it is also true that it creates some incredibly powerful benefits. One of the amazing things about this day and age, for better or for worse, is just how connected we all are. From mobile devices, to multiple means of keeping in touch with one another, never before have we had so many different tools to stay in-touch. Now, sometimes these tools can…

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An individual or business may seek the assistance of a software consulting company to provide a software solution when in-house software development resources either do not exist or do not have the expertise or capacity to take on the project. This outsourcing of software development services is an effective way to expedite a software project. There are many software consulting companies to choose from. However, not all of them are the same. In fact, most software consulting companies differ significantly even if they appear similar on the surface. Most people use price as a factor when choosing a company but…

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Surge, a leading software development and consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new SaaS performance management software product for AspirePath, LLC. This new software product is designed for workforce development, training, and education organizations. Surge provided full lifecycle software development services, including design, development, testing, deployment, and support. AspirePath was built on the Surge Platform, a framework and code library that simplifies the development of rich, responsive, web, mobile, and tablet applications using MVC, jQuery, JSON, HTML 5 and other technologies. AspirePath innovations include a flexible skills framework and a drag-and-drop career Pathways Builder. The flexible framework for…

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Surge Consulting Group, a US-based software development and consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new suite of software applications for Windmill Software, a premier provider of software and services for the Senior Living industry in the US and Canada. TheWorxHub software suite includes: A Rich Internet Application (RIA) that runs as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the Cloud An HTML 5 based Mobile App that works in connected or disconnected modes A customized Reporting Tool that integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services A Data Conversion Utility designed to easily upgrade existing clients This comprehensive suite of software applications was…

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Surge, a global software consulting firm, today announced the completion of a new customized document management web portal for Flight Test Aerospace, Inc (FTA). Surge completed this project in less than 30 days start-to-finish and the web portal is now in live production. "We had previously hired another software consulting company to build our custom web portal but we were frustrated with their inability to deliver what we wanted. Surge not only delivered what we wanted on-time and on-budget but they improved upon our original specifications. I highly recommend Surge for custom software development," said Rex Rivolo, CTO of FTA.…

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