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Cambia Health Solutions

Tech talent pipeline helped modernize healthcare company’s IT culture and applications

Bringing consumer centric healthcare applications to market faster


Cambia needed to design, develop and deploy industry-leading healthcare applications that met quickly changing regulatory mandates and consumer expectations.


Surge – a Catalyte company software engineers helped Cambia Health Solutions modernize its application portfolio, ship higher quality software faster, more thoroughly understand its existing data, make better care and budgetary decisions and create applications that exceed the expectations of its digitally savvy customers.

Cambia Health Solutions, a family of over 20 healthcare companies that empowers more than 70 million Americans nationwide, entrusted Surge – a Catalyte company to help modernize its applications, create more consumer-centric experiences and launch innovative applications faster.

Surge demonstrated its ability for rapid prototyping, creating customer-centric applications that meet regulatory mandates and presenting healthcare data in new ways that lead to better business decisions and improved outcomes.

From idea to MVP
in 90 days

Cambia values innovation and speed. To ensure that new ideas can get to market faster, it often uses a rapid prototyping process to speed products from idea to minimum viable product (MVP).

Surge was instrumental in this rapid prototyping process for several MVPs including:

  • Call center workbench: A streamlined UI for multiple disparate customer service databases.
  • Health care delivery organization finder: Consumer-facing system designed to increase user engagement in selecting health plans for an affiliate healthcare company.
  • Internal feedback application: Used by executives to solicit and sort feedback from all employees.

For each product, client development teams were tasked to take an idea to market in approximately 90 days. In each instance, Surge brought specialized knowledge and new skills (React.js, node.js, AWS) that allowed the client to complete projects on time.

Developing customer centric applications

Consumer’s digital-first expectations have forced healthcare organizations to offer better, more customer-centric applications or lose market share.

Surge helped Cambia develop and modernize several key products to make information on health plans easier to understand and decisions about coverage and care easier for consumers to make.

For two affiliate companies, Catalyte developed the web and mobile products that allowed consumers to quickly and efficiently research multiple healthcare plans available to them. The improved interface and functionality increased user engagement across digital and mobile channels.

Delivering data for better decision making

Electronic health record (EHR) mandates and the digitalization of patient care have created vast new streams of data.

Once these data sets are readily visible and clearly presented, they are valuable for controlling costs and improving outcomes.

For the two critical EHR projects, Catalyte turned large data pools into actionable intelligence. One project’s guided search capability handles over 40 million annual searches and helps members easily identify and drill down to complex health and cost data. The other product allows the client to quickly see if they meet Affordable Care Act mandates and create custom reports for further exploration of cost savings and outcomes. 

Digital transformation

Cambia transform its software development process and outcomes to keep pace with user expectations and changing regulatory environment.

Better software, faster

Rapid prototyping and product development allowed Cambia to introduce new ideas into the marketplace faster than before.

Putting data to work

Developed products that processed and presented vast amounts of data in user friendly interfaces so healthcare organizations could make better business and patient care decisions.

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