Does Your Software Pass the Test?

Testing is an essential part of programming: making sure your code is written properly and does what it was designed to do. It can be a tedious process, which is why automated testing is one of the most important tools in a programmer’s toolbox. But what kind of automated testing should you perform? And how do you go about it? Here are a few important terms you should know when it comes to testing your code. Unit Testing As its name implies, unit testing divides your code up into its individual units and tests them each separately. By breaking it down in this way, you can easily determine if each part does what it was designed to do. If there is an error, you can see immediately where the error is and fix it. Think of it as a string of Christmas tree lights. Years ago, strings of lights were […]

6 Usability Testing Methods That Will Improve Your Software

Successful software projects please customers, streamline processes, or otherwise add value to your business. But how do you ensure that your software project will result in the improvements you are expecting? Will users experience better performance? Will the productivity across all tasks improve as you hoped? Will users be happy with your changes and return to your product again and again as you envisioned? You don’t find answers to these questions with a standard QA testing plan. Standard QA will ensure that your product works. Usability testing will ensure that your product accomplishes your business objectives. Well planned usability testing will shed a bright light on everything you truly care about: workflow metrics, user satisfaction, and strength of design. How do you know when to start usability testing? Which usability tests are right for your product or website? Let’s examine the six types of usability testing you can use to […]

Getting started with the Applitools SDK

This blog assumes you have some basic knowledge about automated visual testing with Applitools. If it isn’t clear to you why it is awesome and would like more info, go checkout their site I first heard about Applitools through one of my colleagues at Surge in spring of 2017. I was explaining some of the challenges with my current client. Specifically, the amount of time developers spend testing each release (developers are the QA department) and how there was an initiative to focus on CD (continuous delivery). I mentioned that while we have several functional tests, they did not verify that our application’s pages look like they should. This is when my Surge colleague suggested I look into Applitools. Over the course of several “Improvement Days” my client holds, I was able to work on a POC with Applitools. The project I work on is a web application that […]

Who needs testing anyway?

When business owners discuss the best way to develop software, testing is always a scary topic. How much time and money you should spend on testing is not an easy question to answer. What type of human resource you should commit to testing is an even harder one. Test Automation obviously requires some degree of programming skill, but software developers are a precious resource. Why waste developer’s time on automating tests when you’ve got new products and features that you need to roll out the door? Bringing on a dedicated test automation developer is no small expense, either. You could probably hire two or even three manual testers for about the same amount as one software engineer. What makes a test automation engineer that much more valuable? These questions and their answers mean everything when creating a testing strategy. Here at Surge, we recognize and advocate the benefits of both […]