Who needs testing anyway?

When business owners discuss the best way to develop software, testing is always a scary topic. How much time and money you should spend on testing is not an easy question to answer. What type of human resource you should commit to testing is an even harder one. Test Automation obviously requires some degree of programming skill, but software developers are a precious resource. Why waste developer’s time on automating tests when you’ve got new products and features that you need to roll out the door? Bringing on a dedicated test automation developer is no small expense, either. You could probably hire two or even three manual testers for about the same amount as one software engineer. What makes a test automation engineer that much more valuable? These questions and their answers mean everything when creating a testing strategy. Here at Surge, we recognize and advocate the benefits of both […]

Can a Vegetable* Give Your Team’s Quality Assurance Efforts a Face-lift?

If you’re thinking of a cucumber, the answer is yes! Let me tell you all about it. What is Cucumber? Cucumber is a tool that utilizes a syntax called Gherkin, which makes acceptance criteria and test cases accessible to all interested stakeholders, technical and not so technical alike. The official documentation explains Cucumber like so: That sounds cool, but what is that Gherkin thing you mentioned? Gherkin is a plain English, human-readable syntax that defines who the audience is, what action is to be taken, and what the expected outcome should be. It looks something like this: Given I am a user on Google When I search for “how wonderful is the Gherkin language?” Then I should be directed to the “Google Search Results” page And I should see “how wonderful is the Gherkin language?” in the search field This use case is pretty self-explanatory, right? That is the point! […]

What is QA?

What is QA? And why do I need “good” QA? I hear a lot of people talk about being in QA as an SDET or SEIT and I have to wonder, given how they talk or write, if they really understand what QA is and what it does. QA is not just testing, testing is QC and while that is a small part of QA, that is not all there is for QA. Good QA is about making sure everyone is on the same page. QA is about communication, including asking the “stupid” questions. QA does not assume that everyone knows what is being done; we talk to all stake holders to make sure the whole team has the same understanding of what is being done and what we are trying to accomplish with each feature. QA is process. QA is the group that puts into place the bumpers in […]