Slick Grid Extentions

Every consulting shop needs a good, reliable grid. Grids are the swiss army knife of UI design. Sure, in many scenarios you need a sharper, simpler, or more dedicated tool but a grid’s ubiquitos familiarity makes a good one indispensable for presenting and editing many types of data.  This is why companies such as Microsoft spend so much effort on publishing grid controls and why libraries like jQuery offer so many grid plugins. Surge too has invested a significant amount of time in finding the right grid for our needs.  Following the Surge philosophy of reusing open source components where possible, we have settled on the incredibly versitile SlickGrid maintained by Michael Leibman. This grid is especially impressive for its preformance and editing capabilities, for providing near-infinite row support with minimal memory usage, and for an extensible mechanism for cell-editing. Of course everything is rarely perfect. One unfortunate disadvantage of the […]