White Paper: Offshoring Software Development – Reality Hits Home

In this latest White Paper, Surge CEO Matt MacKay takes an in-depth look at offshoring software development work, with specific emphasis on the hard realities most companies face. Offshoring is not a simple, cut-and-dry sort of topic.  There is a lot of rhetoric surrounding this topic, positive and negative, and in this white paper we deal with the hard facts that companies see as common results of their offshoring efforts.

White Paper: Responsive Layouts – The New Web Design Format

There is a lot of talk these days about responsive design, and for good reason.  Most large websites out there have seen huge upticks in their mobile traffic over the past year.  Not only that, but the trend seems to be increasing.  Some estimates claim that the majority of web traffic will be viewed on mobile devices by 2016.    We are seeing this growth here at Surge too.  In fact, just over the past six months, mobile visits to our company site are up over 25%.  This certainly appears to be a trend that will only continue, and it is simply a consideration no competitive company can afford to ignore. What this process reminds me of, in a lot of ways, is a media format change.  That is, fixed-pixel layouts (layouts that are the same size on any size screen) are the “Cassette Tapes” of the web world, while responsive […]