Our mission at Surge is to provide custom web application development services to our clients that are unmatched in the industry. Our expert US onshore team will build your custom web app up to 40% faster with 100% precision.

More Than Platforms and Devices

It is one thing to know how to develop for various mobile software platforms and devices – which we do. However, it is quite another to know the unique strengths and weaknesses of each platform, and know how to properly leverage the platform to its maximum potential. That is where Surge comes in. We have helped clients ranging from SMB’s, to startups, to Fortune-100 companies develop highly-functional, compelling mobile apps, for every major mobile platform and practically every coding language.

Code Library

Quality Code Matters

Quality code matters to us and it should matter to you. Not only will your app’s code be built to meet your current needs, it will be built to facilitate future needs. This is significant when you want to add new features, cross platforms, or make updates down the road. This is also one of the major differences between good code and bad code. All of our solutions deliver functions and features that are built on-spec, as well as scalable, reliable, and robust.

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A Better Mobile Experience

Along with users being used to a more mobile experience with their software, users are also used to a high-quality user experience. Clunky, disorganized, buggy apps are simply not tolerated. Not only that, but user experience has become one of the most important features a piece of software can have.

Time and time again, users overwhelmingly tell us that they would much rather have an intuitive user experience than a ton of extra features. At Surge, user experience is the focus in everything that we do. We combine thorough research with best-practice methods of developing apps that simply make sense and are a joy to use. Looking to build a better mobile app for your idea? Let Surge help you take your mobile app idea and make it a reality.

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