Fair Pricing for Software Development

Unless you’ve got a very small project in your plans, the cost of software development is probably higher than what the average Joe would expect. If you get a quote and it’s surprisingly affordable, chances are, your project is getting offshored to another country, or an inexperienced developer is working on your project. This can oftentimes be a student, or someone who is learning how to develop software and isn’t skilled enough to request the salary demands at the moment. Software developers are in high demand right now, and the average salary figures from glassdoor confirm this. While these figures may vary by business and by geographic location, no matter how you slice it, good software development is expensive. And for good reason.

Software Development Skills

Software development is a complicated process that requires a practiced hand in order for everything to work. Websites and apps are laden with many different components that often rely on one another in order for the end user’s commands to function properly. Just like a domino effect, when one thing doesn’t work properly, it can have a negative effect on other parts. With so much of today’s business done online through an app or a website, it’s no wonder that businesses can’t afford to have problems with their software. Good software developers must always keep abreast on the latest in an ever changing industry; they must have the experience to know how dozens of components can fit together and the historical inconsistencies of the systems they’re working with. Of course, they must do this while keeping in mind that most of an application’s lifespan is spent in maintenance. These skills don’t come easy and they’re not cheap.

Experienced Developers vs Inexperienced

Experienced developers have ways improve efficiency, and enhance reliability. For example, identifying pieces of code that could be isolated and formed into modules that can be reused on future projects is a great way to save time without compromising accuracy. There are also many tools and software available that can facilitate a developer’s work. Knowing of these tools and how they work can separate an advanced developer from an average developer. Yet, a large portion of time is devoted to thinking, rather than actually coding. If problem solving and deductive reasoning don’t come natural to someone who considers himself to be a software engineer it’s going to take him longer to develop the code correctly, if at all. Inexperienced developers can’t roll out code as quick, as advanced, and as accurate as an experienced developer. Often, an inexperienced developer will kick out a half-baked project and call it good as long as it looks to be working on the surface. These tend to be full of bugs that – due to the careless structure of the code – are many times more expensive to fix in maintenance.

Disadvantages of Low-Priced Software Development

The disadvantage of low-priced software development is not just in the perceived lack of experience & talent from an underpaid developer. The disadvantage is it may take ten times the amount of time and cost estimated to develop the software. There’s also a good chance the software isn’t up to snuff with today’s coding standards, resulting in a lack of performance now and in the future. To make matters worse, should it require an update or platform changes down the road, the “quick and easy” updates are never quick and easy, and any sizable changes could lead to major overhauls or be scrapped altogether.

You Get What You Pay For

In the end, you get what you pay for. If you hire a cheap development company, you’ll get a cheap product that may not perform well and/or will likely require unexpected updates sooner than later. Resulting in more cost, more time, and more frustration. Not to mention all of the potential business and revenue you lose out on because of faulty software. In contrast, if you hire a quality software development company, you can expect your software to perform better, and receive updates easier. It will cost more upfront than a cheap developer but in the end it will cost less in more ways than one.
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