Digital transformation: The partnership of business and IT

Who controls the flow of information, technology and innovation in the enterprise: business or IT? It’s a fight as old as the circuit board itself.

The relationship between business and IT becomes more complicated as organizations pursue digital transformation. The increasing pace of technological change makes it harder for the business to meet changing customer/user demands. It also makes it more difficult for the business to identify the most current technologies or methods to develop the platforms, services and/or applications that make a difference in the bottom line.

Both sides are frustrated, but making progress towards new solutions. New organization models that emphasize cross-functional teams put IT and business stakeholders in the same boat. If one succeeds, everyone does. If one fails, they all go down together.

To meet business demands, IT must be ultra-responsive. But, being reactionary isn’t enough. IT must be proactive and consultative to business, helping guide and influence technology decisions.

To help IT, business must participate with good faith and communicate needs clearly. By simplifying and focusing on core needs first, they set themselves, and IT, up for success.

This process, like digital transformation itself, is a work in progress. There is no defined end state. Rather, just a path that must be traveled in order for an organization to survive, and thrive, in the new digital world.

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