Are your technology and processes resilient enough to thrive?

Since March, the pandemic has turned the business world upside down. Companies have had to reexamine previous successful practices and modify or reinvent them for current conditions. Those that are most able to connect a successful past to a successful future will be resilient enough to come through this crisis stronger. Others that fail to do so will disappear.

Our parent company Catalyte partnered with the Technology Association of Oregon to sponsor a webinar series on resiliency: how companies can prevent disruption to their technology, processes and people, and emerge from the current crisis stronger than before. All three sessions are below.

Process resiliency: Keeping everything from hitting the fan

Having swiftly adapted their day-to-day operations over the past few months in response to the COVID19 crisis, many business leaders are now looking beyond the “first wave” of crisis management to developing dynamic processes and creating stable growth environments in order to weather future disruptions.

All the “ilities”: Taking a holistic approach to technical resiliency

Scalability, reliability, usability, dependability and portability are all important in good times, but they become your tech lifeline in a crisis.

A well designed and defined process, supported by effective and tested procedures, can enable any organization to respond and continue through any disruption to provide the normal level of service to its customers and stakeholders. But how do you build and maintain a resilient organization while also accounting for human factors.

People Resiliency: Building the pipeline and structure to prevent talent disruptions

Building a talent pipeline is a proactive rather than a reactive hiring strategy, but what happens when that proactive approach is disrupted?

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to impact the way we live, work and hire, it’s becoming more apparent that companies need to adapt recruiting strategies to match the new talent acquisition landscape.

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