Maintaining company culture with remote workforces

A remote workforce has advantages for talent selection (no geographic restrictions), productivity (work from anywhere) and reduced overhead (no office space).

But maintaining a cohesive company culture with a remote workforce can be more difficult with the lack of in-person interaction, need to build trust at a distance, communications challenges and absentee managers.

Tom Iler, Chief Product Officer for Surge and Catalyte, shares advice on how to maintain a cohesive company culture regardless of where your workers are located. In this podcast he discusses:

  • Building trust, on both employer and employee side
  • Monitoring outcomes, not activities
  • Having the right tools in place to facilitate productive communication
  • Importance of flexibility and understanding in these uncertain times

Listen to the full conversation below. Send us a note if you’d like to explore more ways to set up or manage your remote workforce.

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