Catalyte launches Baltimore City software development fellowship

The full spectrum and potential of Surge – a Catalyte company's engineering services are on display through a new Technology and Software Development Fellowship our parent company Catalyte launched with Baltimore City.

As part of the initial fellowship group, Surge is providing teams comprised of apprentice and senior level developers, business analysts, project managers and architects.

The teams are working on mission-critical projects for Baltimore City IT (BCIT) and the Baltimore Health Department. 

That work includes:


The BCIT team of fellows will work on application modernization projects with an emphasis on security. This will allow Baltimore Corps and Catalyte to better understand the city’s technical needs and how to leverage talent identification and training programs to prepare city residents for future technology jobs.

Baltimore Health Department

This team of fellows will develop case management and tracking capabilities on top of the city’s COVID/data tracking system. This is an important step as Baltimore continues on a safe and responsible path to reopening.

In the long term, this fellowship will create equitable and family-sustaining technology careers, build a sustainable talent pipeline for city agencies, improve community health outcomes and help modernize Baltimore’s IT infrastructure.

This is an amazing opportunity to showcase the hidden tech talent that exists in Baltimore. We can create a self-sustaining, interconnected cycle of improvement that uplifts individuals, families, communities and the whole city.

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