Matthew Derella named new CEO of parent company Catalyte

Catalyte, parent company of Surge – a Catalyte company, has appointed Matthew Derella as its new CEO.

He will assume day-to-day management and oversight of both company’s overall strategy. Derella was formerly Chief Customer Officer for Twitter. Reporting to the CEO, Derella responsibilities included revenue performance, content partnerships, country operations and customer service around the world. After Derella became an executive officer and assumed responsibility for all revenue, Twitter underwent a massive business and cultural transformation resulting in their market cap expanding more than 2x in 3 years – from ~$20B in early 2018 to ~$44B in 2021.

Prior to Twitter he held several leadership roles at Google. Matt is inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement and was named one of the World’s Top 100 Digital Marketers by The Drum.

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