Surge acquired by Catalyte to create one of the largest onshore software engineering companies

It is with great pleasure we publicly announce our acquisition by Catalyte! Catalyte, a company known for revolutionizing the software consulting industry by using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to identify the best candidates for software development, is supercharging its predictive analytics data set and positioning itself to become the leader in IT services and project outsourcing.


Good question. We think Jake Hsu says it best:

We have a shared focus and belief in the power of onshore outsourcing and tight business and strategic alignment.

Catalyte and Surge are both committed to onshore development and training that creates sources of quality tech talent, improves client outcomes, and generates opportunities for development careers to more Americans, all while creating a more diverse and productive workforce.

Completing the career ladder

One of the most exciting aspects of the acquisition is completing the career ladder for Catalyte. While Catalyte focuses on fixing the tech skills gap by training new talent, Surge provides America’s best software engineers on-demand at an affordable price. By joining forces, an individual can be introduced to a tech career, trained, gain experience and graduate into a senior position with Surge.

Looking forward

Catalyte will be tripling their (we mean, our – so exciting!) number of development centers here in the United States, increasing our recruiting efforts, and continuing to develop the best software by the best developers in America.

To hear Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu and Surge CEO and Founder Matt MacKay discuss the acquisition themselves, watch the videos here.

To listen to Jake Hsu talk about the fundraising and acquisition on the Sourcing for Innovation Podcast, click here

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