Get a talent Surge

Your business is unique. Your combination of industry, tech stack, size and project deadline means you need very specific resources.

What sets us apart?

We deliver custom talent services. The right size. The right expertise. The right knowledge. Right now.

Staff augmentation

When you don’t have the tech talent you need, augment your current team with our on-demand, onshore experts who can start right away.

Don’t waste time waiting for recruiters or pouring over resumes. Whether you need multiple agile teams or a few developers, we provide the right resources to meet your technology and budget requirements.


It takes the right technologies, processes and people in place to realize your overall business objectives. 

Our consulting, backed by extraordinary tech talent, will take your business to another level. We can help create your vision and turn it into reality.

Contract to hire

Our project-ready junior tech talent delivers immediate value and grows into your future leaders. 

Clients convert 90% of Surge’s junior talent they contract. And our talent stays with clients nearly a year longer than the national average.

The right services for your needs

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