Solving Enterprise IT Challenges: Time & Money

Today’s enterprise companies rely heavily on having a reliable, experienced and productive IT team. A great development team can streamline processes, solve company challenges and ultimately increase operational efficiencies within an enterprise that demand rapid scaling and security.

Root IT Challenge

The root challenge facing almost all companies in the majority of scenarios is the same: time and money. Companies simply do not have the time to quickly recruit a good team and the internal resources to effectively qualify and manage the team. Since the resources are technical, most HR departments are not qualified to hire a senior profile. This task then falls in the lap of senior IT executives who are usually too busy running the day-to-day operations of their company and don’t have the time to effectively recruit, interview, and manage a new development team. Another issue C-level executives face is determining the right number of people to keep on staff and for how long. Since no one can predict the future and profits are king, most companies simply hire as needed. This problem can actually become an achilles heel as businesses require dynamic solutions at different times with various expertise to execute them. Factor in the complexity of getting budgets approved and going through an RFP process and by the time the budget is approved a new technical challenge can surface. This ongoing cycle is far too common among many companies today and it can often result in a constant nightmare for the IT department.

Our Value Proposition

This is where Surge and its proven business model help C-level executives bridge their company’s gaps. Surge has one of the strongest value propositions in the industry and is currently one of America’s fastest growing companies. Surge’s value proposition to the market is that it possess scarce resources: world-class software engineers that are in high demand and are difficult to find, attract, hire, motivate, manage and retain. Surge offers these resources to clients “on demand” at an affordable rate and handles all of the management, administration, infrastructure and training, so companies can focus on running their core business operations.

Our Business Model

The business model Surge has created solves many interdependent issues that are frequently found in an enterprise. A qualified employee needs to be recruited, negotiated with, hired and put through the HR process. Not to mention the onboarding that comes after all of that. This can become a long, drawn-out process. All of this quickly adds up to the total cost of obtaining a single resource. Some additional costs to be factored in are company benefits, company resources and equipment, as well as office space and paid time off.. It is not reasonable to expect an “on-demand” team of skilled resources unless your business model supports it. The core business operations of most companies do not facilitate this type of structure. Hence, technology projects become an endless uphill battle for today’s enterprise. Surge’s solid framework and infrastructure solve these exact type of problems without risking the enterprise’s commercial goals. Do the math and you’ll find the Surge model actually saves companies time & money, while achieving management’s desire of a cost effective, efficient and highly-skilled “on-demand” team. Surge has managed to keep quality high by maintaining all of it’s staff 100% in North America all the while keeping rates extremely competitive. Inquire about our real-world case studies that demonstrate how Surge can solve a big problem with respect to your technology projects: time and money.
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