Surge Acquires Web Design Agency, Wind-Up Studios

Surge, a leading software development and consulting firm, today announced the acquisition of Wind-Up Studios, a web design agency. As part of this acquisition, Vida Clement, Director and Founder of Wind-Up Studios, has joined Surge as Vice President of Marketing. “I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Surge team,” said Vida Clement, Vice President of Marketing. “Our combined team is able to provide a wide range of technology services, from websites, mobile apps, and social apps to database systems, business process automation, and system integrations.” Surge provides rapid software design and development services to clients in the US and Canada and is a key partner to other B2B service companies that recognize opportunities to deliver digital systems and software solutions to their clients. “This acquisition will help to accelerate our already rapid growth,” said Matt MacKay, CEO of Surge. “We look forward to continuing to build software solutions for our clients that provide the most intuitive and compelling user experiences.” About Surge Surge is a leading software development & consulting firm specializing providing services to clients in the US and Canada. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in the Seattle area, Surge has successfully delivered cutting-edge web and mobile solutions to hundreds of clients in a variety of industries.

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