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IT must make it easier for business to meet the ever-increasing pace of changing customer/user demands. Who controls the flow of information, technology and innovation in the enterprise: business or IT? It’s a fight as old as the circuit board itself. The relationship between business and IT becomes more complicated as organizations pursue digital transformation. The increasing pace of technological change makes it harder for the business to meet changing customer/user demands. It also makes it more difficult for the business to identify the most current technologies or methods to develop the platforms, services and/or applications that make a difference…

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It’s an intimidating fact that 50% of digital transformations fail. But instead of running for the hills, here are five ways to help ensure digital transformation success. 1. Identify and establish success KPIs Establish specific key performance indicators (KPIs) ahead of time. Some of the most common are: Return on investment Cost reduction Productivity increase Gain in market share or competitive advantage Establish an initial baseline and track these KPIs throughout the transformation. Assess whether your progress is helping or hurting them, and adjust the initiative as needed. 2. Create strategic and tactical plans What do you want your business…

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63% of companies are unhappy with new sources of tech talent. State of the digital tech workforce survey shows companies suffering economic consequences as they struggle to find top technology talent in a competitive market.   The digital skills gap is leaving workers without job opportunities and reducing the ability for companies to grow and succeed. So how are technology leaders across all industries addressing this issue? How are they thinking about sourcing, recruitment, hiring and training to ensure they have the skilled workforce they need for today and into the future, without overpaying for in-demand talent? Our parent company…

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