One of the things that makes Surge unique is the fact that we are a 100% telecommuting company. And although it is true that having employees spread out all over the country does create some unique challenges, it is also true that it creates some incredibly powerful benefits. One of the amazing things about this day and age, for better or for worse, is just how connected we all are. From mobile devices, to multiple means of keeping in touch with one another, never before have we had so many different tools to stay in-touch. Now, sometimes these tools can…

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An individual or business may seek the assistance of a software consulting company to provide a software solution when in-house software development resources either do not exist or do not have the expertise or capacity to take on the project. This outsourcing of software development services is an effective way to expedite a software project. There are many software consulting companies to choose from. However, not all of them are the same. In fact, most software consulting companies differ significantly even if they appear similar on the surface. Most people use price as a factor when choosing a company but…

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Our remote resources are dispersed across time zones and we operate development centers in: