software design

The typical American today is born into technology. A handheld or laptop is ubiquitous even in junior high school. As the connected generation matures, the idea that we need professionals to tell us how an application should work may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, there is an incredible gap between what an application should do and how it should do it. Every custom application ever built will provide its own user experience and your design will determine how effective you will be at moving your business forward. When Google reinvented email it was by thoughtful design that solved decades…

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One of the biggest revolutions of the past 5-10 years has been the focus on the user for both software and website design. At one time, user experience issues were an afterthought, something to be caught during testing (if at all). The focus was on the company’s version of how their product was to be used and whom would use it. This shift in focus has largely been due to the fact that many of these assumptions were wrong. It is often illuminating for a development team, not to mention designers, to watch actual users use their products. Anyone who…

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