Getting an ROI from Your UI Redesign – How Can It Impact Your Bottom Line?

Your app needs an overhaul. The user interface is outdated and clunky and needs to be redesigned. And doing it right will take time, talent, and other resources that all add up to money. This is why a lot of companies are reluctant to update their designs. They see what it will cost them to do so and immediately run for the hills. But like anything else your company spends money on, UI redesign is an investment. And UI, in particular, is one of the most important and potentially profitable ones. It’s estimated that every dollar spent on UI redesign can yield between ten and a hundred dollars in revenue. Let’s take a look at the importance of UI to your profits and how you can maximize your ROI. Why UI Redesign Is a Good Investment UI is all about how users interface with your app, or your website, or […]