Eric Hufford

Director of QA

As a liaison between our development team and product design, Eric is the perfect blend of visionary mad scientist and technical reality star. Eric is a seasoned Consulting and Professional Services Executive experienced in information technology software systems. An organizational leader, Eric is skilled in all facets of system development from scope definition, plan design and development through implementation, installation, and launch. Eric has worked in the technology and software sector of businesses such as AT&T, Schlumberger and GE Healthcare. With a knack for utilizing analytical skills, Eric translates complex concepts into logical solutions that exceed client objectives. Creatively balances client commitments with internal organizational improvements by continual review of the implementation lifecycle to optimize overall profitability. On top of all this, Eric is genuinely a happy-go-lucky guy with a positive attitude, voiceable opinion, and infectious character. Eric received his BA from Southeastern University in 1991.

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