Jim Hyde

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Jim holds the overall responsibility for Surge’s performance and growth. Jim ascended to the CEO role after 4 years as EVP & COO, and he works closely with the Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief of Staff, as well as Matt MacKay, Surge Founder, to chart Surge’s growth strategy and execute on our collective corporate vision. Jim brings to the position over 20 years of executive experience in leadership, operations, engineering, and personnel management. Prior to Surge, Jim held high-ranking positions at Remedy Informatics (formerly RemedyMD), Overstock.com, Tenfold, and In-Store Broadcasting Network. In those roles, he nurtured firms through intense high-revenue-growth periods, new product development, and staff expansion, including a few IPO’s. Jim’s varied outdoor interests include hiking, biking, motorcycling, skiing, scuba diving, sailing, and aviation. Jim holds engineering degrees from Stanford (Ph.D., B.S.) and MIT (M.S.).

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