Jonathan Martin

Director of IT

As Director of IT for Surge, Jonathan keeps busy around the clock to ensure that all hardware and software are current and running at optimal performance. For over 10 years Jonathan has worked in systems administration with extensive experience in spearheading the management, design, development, and implementation of enterprise-wide systems/network solutions. Prior to Surge, Jonathan served as a tier 3 data engineer for Hunt Telecommunications. He specialized in managing SAN and virtualization infrastructures for both the company and several high-end clients. Jonathan also worked LITE (Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise), a 3-D immersive visualization and high-performance computing resource center, hosting clients in commercial industry, government and university sectors. When he isn’t busy working at his desk or chasing his 4-month-old daughter, Jonathan explores the great outdoors almost any way he can. His favorite hobbies include: fishing, hunting, hiking/backpacking, kayaking, scuba diving and golf. Jonathan received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana.

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