Transparency and Our Core Principles

A major contributor to the success of most online businesses these days is the principle of transparency. Not having a face-to-face interaction when doing business online can often lead to uncertainty and doubt for any potential client. When you consider being more transparent as a business, you might see red flags and warning signs telling you to reconsider. The biggest reason for this is because transparency typically brings along a familiar sidekick: vulnerability. Even though transparency can be a double-edged sword, if you play your cards right and you run a good business, transparency shouldn’t intimidate you. In fact, transparency can liberate you and allow your business to thrive. Breathing confidence and trust in the eyes of any potential client. Having said that, we’d like to share with you our company principles. These principles have been around almost as long as our business, and they’ve played a significant role in our success and our client’s success. We hope they resonate with you and give you more insight and transparency into our company. Surge Principles:
  • We realize that customer relationships are the most important part of our business and we continually seek for ways to foster and strengthen those relationships and uncover new opportunities.
  • We always portray professionalism to our clients and co-workers. This includes; using the company email system for communication, arriving on time to meetings, carefully tracking our hours, eliminating background noise on calls, being responsive, etc.
  • We make realistic commitments (always avoiding “sandbagging”) and then seek to exceed them.
  • Commitments are personal: no one makes a commitment on someone else’s behalf. However, everyone makes commitments.
  • When we make a commitment (such as setting a due date or sales quota), we strive to keep it even if it requires us to work extra hours and/or figure out creative solutions.
  • We try to never “pass the buck” but instead, seek for ways to resolve problems ourselves. We are also helpful to our other team members.
  • We are flexible; in other words we are willing and eager to learn and utilize new technologies and techniques to get the job done, regardless of our personal preferences.
  • We take pride in our work and make it our personal responsibility to create high-quality software products.
  • Our goal is to seek for ways to make the components we build reusable from project to project (i.e. the Surge Platform) so we can be more efficient.
  • To save time, we seek to incorporate 3rd party components wherever possible.
  • We are 100% honest and accurate in our recording and reporting of billable hours.
  • Due to the limited face-to-face interactions inherent in a distributed team, we seek to “over communicate” via email, IM, text messaging, web meetings, etc. and we try to be responsive in our communication even on weekends and off hours.
  • We always follow Surge processes, procedures, and coding standards.
What principles do you incorporate into your business? Share your thoughts and ideas with us.  
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