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Webinar: Improve employee identity management and software provisioning

Skyline of Denver, Colorado. Bright daytime sun. Rocky Mountains in the distance to the west.

Most companies waste major time and money manually managing their workforce lifecycle. Our parent company Catalyte is hosting a free webinar on its cost-effective solution that will allow you to eliminate that waste and untangle the cost and complexity of employee identity management and software provisioning. This webinar will: Showcase secure and auditable workforce management […]

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Overhead look at a swim meet with two female swimmers competing in a freestyle race

Surge – a Catalyte company keeps USA Swimming at the forefront of emerging technologies to solve complex business challenges. USA Swimming wanted to reduce costs and gain better security and scalability for its applications while enabling a more robust online/remote user experience. Surge continues to help USA Swimming leverage new technologies to better connect and […]

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Increase the speed of healthcare innovation with technology

Blue cloud with EKG monitor line in white superimposed on it

Increase the speed of healthcare innovation by taking advantage of self-provisioned environments and the flexibility of the cloud. Healthcare technology is demanding. Keeping data safe, secure and consistent, ensuring availability and accuracy and meeting timeliness requirements is challenging enough for the typical organization. Multiply that by regulatory and compliance concerns, and it’s no surprise that […]

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Using technology to control healthcare costs

Doctor uses a tablet

Fraud, waste abuse and errors (FWAE) are primary drivers of healthcare costs. Here’s how technology can reduce FWAE and associated healthcare administrative costs. Modernizing current or implementing new technology can lower administrative and healthcare costs. It can reduce errors and shorten account payable/receivable cycle times in cash sensitive businesses. And it can streamline business processes […]

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