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It’s time to consider modernizing your applications if you feel friction in any of these four areas. Any delay will only make it harder and more expensive to fix the problems you already know exist. And, in the meantime, you’re losing market share to companies more willing to make the investment in their IT future. Are any of these true about your IT organization? You are encumbered by workarounds to your existing applications. Your business can’t take advantage of new technologies or make future changes. You can’t react to external forces with the speed necessary to remain relevant to customers.…

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63% of companies are unhappy with new sources of tech talent. State of the digital tech workforce survey shows companies suffering economic consequences as they struggle to find top technology talent in a competitive market.   The digital skills gap is leaving workers without job opportunities and reducing the ability for companies to grow and succeed. So how are technology leaders across all industries addressing this issue? How are they thinking about sourcing, recruitment, hiring and training to ensure they have the skilled workforce they need for today and into the future, without overpaying for in-demand talent? Our parent company…

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