7 min read While once a distant dream of science fiction, today, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. AI is in the algorithms that govern how you use social media. AI is in the Google or Amazon-powered home device that understands and carries out your basic commands. And now it’s becoming a staple of UI/UX design. Should you be worried about the rise of AI in the design field? Will software that makes decisions on its own put humans out of a job? Will Artificial Intelligence one day gain sentience and enslave humanity? No, no, and probably not. Let’s examine just what…

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UX/UI design is the foundation of a user engaging and performing tasks with your product. Whether your product needs an update or if you are launching a new product it is important to understand the ways to protect your investment with good planning and usability testing. Doing early-stage testing can help identify design problems before they become costly. 1. Increase your ROI Fixing an error in a product can be up to 100 times more expensive than it would have been to implement early-stage testing. One of the simplest analogies that can be made is comparing your product to building…

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UX/UI Design Tool sets allow designers to transition ideas and concepts into a visual user interface for clients to review. Designs are published as a prototype, providing valuable feedback and a chance to experience the look-and-feel prior to code development. A designer may need three or four different design applications to organize the required design artifacts for the developer. Moving from application to application is cumbersome. As a UI designer, it is important to stay competitive and efficient in the digital design space. There are a handful of popular software applications designers utilize that stand out as industry-recognized design tools.…

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