Increase the speed of healthcare innovation by taking advantage of self-provisioned environments and the flexibility of the cloud. Healthcare technology is demanding. Keeping data safe, secure and consistent, ensuring availability and accuracy and meeting timeliness requirements is challenging enough for the typical organization. Multiply that by regulatory and compliance concerns, and it's no surprise that the healthcare technology landscape changes slowly. Barriers within large, established organizations reduce the speed of healthcare innovation. These impediments are often justified. Organizations must be good stewards of patient/customer information by maintaining the integrity of highly regulated data and processes and providing systemic oversight around…

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Fraud, waste abuse and errors (FWAE) are primary drivers of healthcare costs. Here’s how technology can reduce FWAE and associated healthcare administrative costs. Modernizing current or implementing new technology can lower administrative and healthcare costs. It can reduce errors and shorten account payable/receivable cycle times in cash sensitive businesses. And it can streamline business processes while providing richer insights into administrative operations and patient care. The rising cost of healthcare – currently about 18% of GDP – continues to threaten our economic well being. This expense represents a collective burden and opportunity to streamline this increasingly important sector of our…

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