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How to find great QA engineers who can keep problems from slipping into production before they impact your bottom line, brand reputation or development capabilities. What makes a great QA engineer? What qualities do they possess that elevate them above just average testers? We’ve compiled six traits of a great QA engineer. 1. Inquisitive Asks, “What if…?” to better understand the product or the requirements. Questions bad practices. Finds defects by wondering what will happen if you do things differently. 2. Thorough Obsessed with checking work, recreating defects to verify them and testing everything that needs to be tested. Not…

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What is QA? And why do I need "good" QA? I hear a lot of people talk about being in QA as an SDET or SEIT and I have to wonder, given how they talk or write, if they really understand what QA is and what it does. QA is not just testing, testing is QC and while that is a small part of QA, that is not all there is for QA. Good QA is about making sure everyone is on the same page. QA is about communication, including asking the "stupid" questions. QA does not assume that everyone…

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