Who’s Using Raspberry Pi—And for What?

Do you want a tool for teaching programming and computer science to kids? Are you looking for a portable device to help you stream movies and your videos to your TV? Maybe you want to play around with robotics, or build some cool electronic gizmos. Then what you’re looking for is Raspberry Pi. It’s not a dessert. Rather it’s a small, inexpensive computer, which can connect to a wide array of other devices, for a wide variety of different uses. But what, exactly, is Raspberry Pi, and who’s using it? Let’s take a look. What Is Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi device was initially created as a tool to teach kids the basics of coding, programming, and other computer science skills. It’s a single-board computer, about the size of a credit card, which can connect fairly simply to a monitor or other display. When used with a standard keyboard and […]