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6.5 minute read The Tricks To Making Agile Work For Your Project One of the confusing elements of agile and scrum development efforts is that functionality completed is not necessarily ready to be delivered nor even ready to be tested. This is due to interdependencies within the project at hand. A piece of the code may be completely ready on its own, but full functionality requires some other piece of code (which the first code relies on) to also be done. That's why a project can have 60 percent of its code completed, but not be able to necessarily deliver…

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In software development there are two methodologies that are widely used to guide a project’s planning and execution; Agile and Waterfall. The Waterfall method breaks everything up into sections and runs in sequential order, beginning with project requirements, followed by the design phase, then development, and finally testing and debugging. By the end of this process, the project should be completed and the software ready to deploy. These individual sections can often take months or even years to complete before moving on to the next section. The Agile method, although similar in order, allows for continual deployment of shippable software…

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