Over the years Surge has developed robust systems and intuitive applications for almost every industry and niche, including many large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. We’ll discuss with you the pros and cons between the different framework options for your application so you can meet the business demands of today, and scale for the future.

Developing for Enterprise

We know how complicated it can be when dealing with multiple coding platforms, technology systems, business processes, databases, and hardware. Enterprise systems require detailed planning during preparation, precise execution during development, rigorous testing from quality assurance, and constant management after deployment. Our proficient agile scrum teams and certified scrum masters ensure that this process is exactly what you get from Day 1.

Quality Code Matters

Quality code matters to us and it should matter to you. Not only will your code be built to meet your current needs, it will be built to facilitate future needs.  This is significant when you want to add new features, cross platforms, or make updates down the road. This is also one of the major differences between good code and bad code. All of our software solutions deliver functions and features that are built on-spec, as well as scalable, reliable, and robust.

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Any Platform, Any Code

One of our core competencies is versatility. Whatever your needs may be, our diverse team of software engineers, designers, and testers who specialize in every major software development platform available will make your software dreams a reality. From database design to web application development, systems integration to cloud consulting, mobile app development to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or software product development, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to build your next software application.

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Transparent and Honest

We believe in providing a high level of transparency to our clients, abiding by our core principles, and always communicating honestly and frequently. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve worked with them all and we anxiously welcome a new project and challenge from you. Connect with us today or call and let us earn your trust and business.

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Surge – a Catalyte company is now

Surge’s 500+ highly-vetted architects, developers, QA specialists, designers, data engineers and project managers are now available on demand through Catalyte.