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Firebase + Ember = Mind Blown

Originally published on medium.com I don’t think there is a faster way to build a web app than firebase and ember. The awesomeness of Firebase’s real-time database, no server, no backend, instant deployment, hosting and user authentication makes it an incredibly productive choice. Ember’s conventions and best practices and incredibly productive CLI makes it an […]

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Making jQuery UI Autocomplete “Super Search”

jQuery UI’s autocomplete widget provides no built in functionality to alter the search behavior, but has a static filter method that can be overridden instead, and as such, will be on an application wide basis. “Super search” is a generic term meaning orderless word search, as that “foo bar” and “bar foo” discover the same […]

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Optimal Nen Queries, Part 1: Delayed Execution

Nen is  a LINQ provider and as such uses delayed execution. Delayed execution means that whenever a query is written it’s not actually performed until the result set is being accessed, which is often by enumeration. Consider the following: [code]var workOrdersQuery = DataContext.Current.Get<EventWorkOrder>() .Where(t => t.WONumber == 3); // No query has been performed yet! var workOrdersCount = workOrdersQuery.Count(); // This runs the query of SELECT COUNT(*)  FROM slx_EventWorkOrder …. var workOrdersList = workOrdersQuery.ToList(); // This runs a query joining in all related […]

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jQuery Events by Example

As a supplement to this article, http://fuelyourcoding.com/jquery-events-stop-misusing-return-false/lets look at jQuery event handling by example. [code] Hello World bar [/code] Event bubbling to parent [code] $(“body” ).click (function() { console.log(“body” ); }) ; $(“p.hello”).click (); >> body;[/code] Original event target on bubbling [code] $(“body” ).click (function(event) { console.log($ (event.target).text ()); }); (“p.hello” ).click (); >> Hello […]

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