Since March, the pandemic has turned the business world upside down. Companies have had to reexamine previous successful practices and modify or reinvent them for current conditions. Those that are most able to connect a successful past to a successful future will be resilient enough to come through this crisis stronger. Others that fail to do so will disappear. Our parent company Catalyte partnered with the Technology Association of Oregon to sponsor a webinar series on resiliency: how companies can prevent disruption to their technology, processes and people, and emerge from the current crisis stronger than before. All three sessions…

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COVID-19 has thrust all of us into uncharted territory. Many businesses are following the advice of public health officials and having their entire workforces operate remotely. Some for the first time. This can be a difficult transition. From technologies, to corporate and interpersonal communications, remote working has its challenges. Surge has navigated these challenges for over a decade. Here are a few quick and easy pointers to make this transition easier. Treat All Workers the Same Never treat remote and office-based developers differently. There should be the same accountability, same hours and the same oversight for remote and in-office workers.…

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