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Hands-on agile training is the surest way for teams to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to implement the methodology correctly, while also delivering business value while they learn. Imagine learning to play baseball in the way many enterprises learn agile. You assemble nine people in a room, spend eight or 16 hours reviewing the current Major League Baseball rulebook and then tell the “team” to go out and have a winning season. There is no chance that would work. As soon as the team leaves the safe, theoretical classroom environment, they will immediately have both technical questions, “What’s the…

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Our customers have always valued Surge’s ability to deliver senior-level technology talent on demand, with the flexibility to scale engagements up or down as needed. Since we’ve been part of Catalyte, we’ve added to our highly qualified and vetted network of onshore software engineering resources. To better represent all that we have to offer, we are now Surge – a Catalyte company. From a single developer to multiple agile teams; designers and analysts to PMs and QA engineers; senior to junior level. You have access to the resources you need, when and how you need them, to get the job…

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Access to onshore engineering talent, when and how you need it
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Our remote resources are dispersed across time zones and we operate development centers in: