Announcing Tech Terms for Memorization

TLDR; I created a project to help students in software development via memorization techniques. Project here List of terms here Flashcards here Read on for background! My academic career is that of an all right student. Perennially in the A- to B- range, good at understanding concepts, and able to cram just hard enough to do fine on tests. I never understood the point of doing much more. I always regarded “deep understanding” and rote memorization to be wholly independent of each other with the latter being helpful for tests and little else. Many people parrot back facts without any understanding whatsoever, merely impersonating intelligence without the ability to synthesize anything new. At the same time, you can really understand things while having mediocre memory; the internet exists, we can always look things up. During the past year, my opinion on this has been evolving. I’ve always been a fan […]

Benefits of ONshore Software Development – A Real World Example

Recently, there have been quite a few blogs written about the benefits of offshore software development for medium and large enterprises. Benefits such as lower cost, and fast development to name a few. The challenge in today’s complex world is, just because you can hire 3rd party offshore vendors to develop new applications or enhance legacy systems at a lower cost, it doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful outcome. Let me give you an example and see if this has happened to you. A client came to us for help with an existing legacy e-commerce website that had poor performance, many delays implementing new features and an overall lack of good communication with their 3rd party offshore vendor. Now, this is not a bash on 3rd party offshore firms, they have their place for help desk support and maintenance of applications. The problem occurs when a client needs new features, […]

2015 Year in Review

Thank you to all of our Clients and “Surgeons” for making 2015 an incredible year. We are so proud of our team as we continue to deliver incredible quality software development services for our clients. In addition our “Surgeons” volunteered many hours in their local communities to help kids learn the fun of software development. We are looking forward to serving you in 2016. Check out the amazing success.

Home or Away – Onshore or Offshore IT Programming Resources

Who has the advantage? In the recent NFL Wildcard games all of the home teams failed to advance to the next round. Yet this week in the Divisional Round all of the home teams won. So is there really any advantage? This question is similar to the challenge CIO’s face when developing new software applications. Do we hire our own software engineers or we do we hire a 3rd party staff augmentation firm? Assuming they have the budget, time, infrastructure, and can find the right senior software developer in this competitive market, most CIO’s would hire a new associate. However finding great software developers is not easy, the cost is always more than you think, and the risk of hiring the wrong person is long term. In this “Agile” deliver-now world, 3rd party IT resource partners are vital. The question of Home or Away (Onshore or Offshore) becomes the next […]

How to Stand Out in the Mobile App World

Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Great! The market for mobile apps is huge right now, and for a variety of reasons. Although most people tend to use mobile apps that are going to make their lives easier somehow (like an organizing or a to-do list app), which makes these types of apps very popular, the ideas for creating an app are truly endless. And creating an app to share with the millions of current mobile users can be quite the exciting venture, especially at this particular time. Creating an App First and foremost, let’s discuss some of the basics when it comes to creating an app. And even though some of these may seem rather obvious there’s a need to say them anyway, just to make sure that we’re all on the same page. The first thing you’re going to need to have is a really […]